Majored in Architecture and Urban Planning, in Brazil. I worked as an Interior Designer for a few years, before deciding to make a big change and move to Sweden. I started working on smaller graphic and web design projects for fun. Driven by curiosity, I started studying UX Design, and noticed how similar the creation process was. After all, what I love to do most is create something people would use and enjoy. So my skills combined perfectly together. And that's how I decided to fully emerge myself into the digital world and become a UX Designer.

What makes me thrive in life is experimenting with new things, taking different paths, and learning from each process. I enjoy doing design challenges, such as daily UI and hackathons. You will always find me switching between design, photography, embroidery, or anything else that pops into my mind and I decide to learn. All my interests and experiences have led me to gain visual design skills, as well as research skills to create better products.
How I Work
Curiosity always plays a big part in my creation process. I research to understand peoples' behavior, how they use something, and why, before starting prototyping.

Ideate & Test
I believe that a good product results from trying, trying again, and testing. I enjoy the whole process of Design, and I am particularly fond of visuals and prototyping.
My experiences led me to gain and improve my User-Centered design skills. My work focuses on thoughtful creation of the experience people will have.

Team Player
I like to define myself as a people person. Working in a team excites me, as it opens my mind to new ideas, possibilities and find problems I could not see on my own. I thrive in cross-functional and multicultural teams.
What I do for fun
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